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Many treatments for varicose veins in Cape Cod

They’re bumpy. They’re lumpy. They’re blue, red, or flesh colored. And they’re often visible on our legs (though they can occur elsewhere.) Yes, they’re varicose veins. And if you have them, you probably wish they’d just go away. Let Southeastern Vein Specialists of Cape Cod can make that wish come true.

Southeastern Vein Specialists uses several proven ways to remove varicose veins. Most are modern vein treatments that are minimally invasive, use local anesthesia, can be done in an office, and offer minimal pain and recovery time. Click on a treatment below for detailed information about that varicose vein treatment:

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What causes varicose veins?

Every vein has a pair of leaflet valves. These valves allow blood to flow forward (back to the heart) but prevent blood from flowing backward (called retrograde flow or venous reflux). Varicose veins occur when the valves in those veins carrying blood from the legs to the heart no longer function, causing blood to pool in the legs -- and causing veins to enlarge and twist. This creates a medical condition known as “venous insufficiency.” And because it’s a medical condition, it requires the attention of medical professionals.

Notice any of these symptoms?

The most common symptoms are heaviness, aching, burning, itching, throbbing, and leg or ankle swelling that worsens as the day progresses. The texture and color of the skin will sometimes change, and you may experience open wounds or skin ulcers below the knee. Restless leg syndrome is now thought to be associated with varicose veins, as well.

Here’s why varicose veins are “a disease”

Large varicose veins typically cause pain and swelling. And, as the severity of the disease progresses and veins are left untreated, varicose veins can lead to medical conditions such as superficial phlebitis (blood clots in the varicose veins), and ulcers in the lower leg and ankle.

Good news, better news

Treating varicose veins used to require a trip to the hospital for surgery. Now there are minimally invasive, office-based treatments that also excel at removing the bad veins and re-routing blood flow to the good veins. Better news: These procedures are covered by most insurance plans.

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