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Treatment of hand veins in Cape Cod

See those veins on your hands? Do you see them getting more prominent as time goes on? Southeastern Vein Specialists is your trusted source for the treatment of hand veins in Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Plymouth County, MA.

Do hand veins need medical attention?

As vein specialists, we get to see our share of hand veins. But honestly, hand veins are normal. In the majority of cases, hand veins are simply healthy veins that have become more noticeable. As people age, many appear to develop large, raised veins on the backs of their hands. This is mainly because skin naturally relaxes and thins with age, causing the veins to give the impression that they are larger. Hand veins do not typically cause pain or medical problems, but some can be varicose veins . Southeastern Vein Specialists would be happy to take a look at your hands and provide an opinion.

Cosmetic treatment of hand veins is an option

Of course, you can always have your hand veins treated for cosmetic reasons. Many people of all ages do. At Southeastern Vein Specialists, our goal is to provide the best comprehensive vein care and the best cosmetic procedures. Included in that care are many modern vein treatment options that are office based, non-surgical, and yield minimal pain and recovery time.

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