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Vascular Disease Treatment in Cape Cod, MA

Vascular disease is an abnormal health condition of the blood vessels (arteries and veins). It can cause poor blood circulation to body tissues and organs (ischemia), as well as other conditions such as varicose veins, stroke, and even death. At Southeastern Vein Specialists, we offer the latest treatments to manage this disease.

Venous Disease

This condition occurs when the flow of blood from the legs to the heart is inadequate, leading to a buildup of blood in the legs. Common symptoms include swelling in the legs, pain, fatigue, and varicose veins.

For mild cases, our doctors can prescribe compression socks to relieve pressure in the legs. Other patients may require a venous ablation (known as the Venefit procedure) or ambulatory phlebectomy, both which are outpatient procedures, to close varicose veins. Although spider veins are not a medical concern, sclerotherapy, which involves injecting a chemical into the small vein so that it no longer carries blood, will improve the appearance of the leg.

If you have a blood clot in the vein you may receive drugs to prevent further clots and treatment to take out the blood clot (thrombolytic therapy). 

Artery Disease

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) occurs when arteries become narrow, reducing blood flow to the legs. This sometimes causes muscle cramping and sometimes intense pain in the leg, especially while walking. Your doctor may recommend cholesterol-lowering drugs, hypertension medication, and anticoagulant medicine. Smoking cessation is strongly encouraged and can worsen the condition.

In some cases, however, endovascular intervention or surgical bypass may be performed to treat the condition. The purpose of these procedures is to unblock the arteries, increase the size of arteries, or to bypass the blockage, which allows a greater flow of blood to the legs.

Our professional medical staff at Southeastern Vein Specialists is always ready to help you the moment you walk in our clinic. We understand that vascular disease can be effect your quality of life, therefore, we work to get you an accurate diagnosis and treatment quickly.